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    How finance professionals

    connect and fund

  • Finstripe is your modern financing platform


    If you are a corporate, institutional or government Borrower requiring funding, or if you are a Financier sourcing loans then Finstripe can increase your chances of success. Finstripe helps you be many times more productive when sourcing and arranging financing transactions, placing you in the centre of a global network of deal-oriented financing professionals. You can post unlimited borrowing requests, search the globe for compatible lenders or borrowers, monitor specific industry or geographic opportunities, and connect with high probability partners around the clock from the convenience of your internet connected desktop, phone or tablet.


    $870,000,000+ USD - Total value of borrowing requests presented through Finstripe


    50+ - Number of financiers representing brand name global institutions and major alternative lenders on Finstripe


    150+ - Number of countries where Finstripe members transact

    Finstripe is connecting financial professional like you right now


    "I wanted to attract new lenders and posted my borrowing request on Finstripe. Three new financiers expressed interest within weeks.” - Benjamin Ryan, Head of Funding, Air North


    "I discovered an active borrower in my target industry on Finstripe right after signing up. I connected with them with one click." - Paul Green, Vice President




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    Borrowers-fund your deal, quickly

    Connect with more Financiers

    Instantly communicate your funding needs to new international Financiers outside your network. Quickly present your financing request to brand name traditional, as well as aggressive alternative Financiers


    Maintain full control

    Choose how much detail you provide and modify your borrowing request at anytime. You can even post funding requests confidentially, and disclose your personal or company identity only to Financiers you individually approve. You control all subsequent negotiations directly

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    Borrowers-save time and money while funding

    Let Finstripe handle introductions

    Finstripe is not an intermediary. Finstripe connects you directly with high quality Financiers and gets out of your way. Finstripe does not charge deal commission


    Subscribe to the Finstripe network as a Borrower for $1799 USD per year for unlimited Financier introductions and financing requests. Spend your valuable time running your business, not  searching for financing relationships

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    A must-have service for Financiers to build deal-flow

    Find quality active borrowers now

    Discover active borrowers in your target geography or industry. Be the first to see new deals in real time. Financing requests are presented in a standard format for fast and easy review. Take the first step to originating high quality mandates with one click


    Use Finstripe technology to never miss a deal

    Continuously monitor your target space and be informed of active new borrowers . Focus your valuable time to compete for the highest quality and most immediate deals

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    Financiers-reduce origination time and cost

    Build deal-flow for less

    Finstripe connects you directly to new active Borrowers and allows you to build long term relationships. Finstripe is not an intermediary, and does not charge deal commission


    Subscribe to Finstripe as a Financier for $199 USD per month, or pay for ten months and get twelve with our annual membership option. You receive unlimited access to borrower financing requests for many times less than the cost of expensive information services or other alternatives


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    Martin Pasek

    As a veteran of J.P.Morgan, EBRD, Credit Suisse, ABN, and VTB, Martin has decades of international experience as a senior financier originating and structuring transactions for corporate and institutional borrowers

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    Bernd Petak

    As a former Deloitte strategy & operations partner, due diligence specialist, entrepreneur and a multi-time technology and finance CFO and CEO, Bernd understands the borrower side of international finance intimately

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